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01 November 2012 @ 01:16 am
I'm quite awful at keeping journals, ain't I. ;_; I think I'll make a promise with myself to update here at least once a week, for the sake of continuity. Actually, I've never kept any journal going for too long, but I'd like to prove to myself I can do it if I want to! XD

'Kay, so just a quick RL update this time.

* Finally I managed to graduate! Now I'm a MA-certified expert in karaoke. XD

* I actually found a job right away! Now this is so unreal I guess it'll take some time to sink in. xD It's a pretty cool job too! I've been assigned to a huge multilingual localization project, which is top secret, so I can't really disclose any details. I'm a so-called content reviewer, and I'll be using Japanese, so it looks great so far! Plus, the atmosphere there is awesome, the people are really friendly, and the schedule is very flexible. You don't really feel like you're in an office, there are no rooms but only open space, and people move around and chat with each other freely. Might be that I found a job I'll really like to do!

* I still don't have a place to live. X'D I'm desperately searching for a cheap one-room apartment, and I'm not going to give up easily! Tomorrow I'm going to go see one which sounds really promising, I hope there are no hidden catches, like there'd be a leaky roof above it or something. XD; Anyways, I'm really looking forward to start living by myself, no sharing, no compromises, but only my own space! I've shared rooms in a dorm for 4 years in total, and a flat once, so I think it's high time for a change!

And I'll get back to translating asap once I get my own place! Actually, I have some stuff beside the Character in CD series on my mind, but I won't reveal it yet. :)

Here’s the translation! kusarihime-chan, I’m really so sorry I made you wait for so long! m(_ _)m I hope you’ll enjoy it~

I’m not a native speaker of neither Japanese nor English, thus there may be mistakes. Any corrections are very welcome!

As the theme of this volume is TV, there is a lot of references to various Japanese TV shows. Unfortunately some of them were lost on me, but I added footnotes for the ones I actually understood. Again, any help/explanations welcome! :D

Also, about the numerous crazy names and ideas for TV shows – the Japanese TV is in fact just like this (save for the killing part, maybe). ^_^;;

Anyone who’d like to use this translation for any purpose – feel free to do so, though I'd be happy if you gave me credit. ^_^

So, onto the stuff:

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18 August 2012 @ 05:50 pm

So, I’m finally done with my graduation thesis! (Or at least version one, now waiting for my teacher’s opinion on it...)

I actually wrote 80+ pages on karaoke in Japan, managed to get away for short vacations twice, and was only two days late for the deadline! XD Ha. I feel like I can very well start writing novels now. XD

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29 June 2012 @ 09:51 pm
So that's about it when it comes to me and studying, yeah. XD; One and half a day to the JLPT!

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25 June 2012 @ 01:34 pm
Summer fireworks! :D

In Poland we don't have any summer fireworks tradition such as e.g. Japan, but we celebrate the 24th of June, which is the shortest night of the year, also called St. John's Night; the above was just an addition to such event. I love fireworks though!

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18 June 2012 @ 11:32 pm
A rough couple of days, being a notorious overthinker doesn't help, having a persistently sprained ankle quite obviously doesn't either. Phew.

Meanwhile, fallen hopelessly in love with this song. Never saw the series, but I know the Yoko Kanno / Maaya Sakamoto combination from the old days (Escaflowne, Record of Lodoss War, Arjuna), and it is as always pure gold. ♥♥♥
14 June 2012 @ 09:47 pm
I've just checked out the new Gen'ei Ryodan seiyuu info! (where does this kind of info come out from anyway?... ._. I always get to know it second-hand from people's blogs, various social sites status updates and such, I'm totally not up to date with anime/manga-related information sources these days...)
First, unfortunately not all of the names ring a bell ^^; but some stuff I had thoughts about:
Paku Romi as Pakunoda! what with the clever name coincidence. xD She'll definitely bring some great drama into the final part of the York Shin arc, and I'm very much looking forward to it!
Hidaka Noriko as Shalnark? Isn't her voice rather girly though? I'm not that knowledgeable about seiyuu, but I mostly know her from girls' roles, and she was really girly as Kurapika in the HxH pilot episode. Kinda curious how it turns out.
Annnd Miyano Mamoru as Danchou sounds really promising!
Man, all of it it already makes me excited about the distant future moment when the ant arc seiyuu will be announced, not to mention Alluka!
11 June 2012 @ 08:54 pm
Phew! My first "real" job as a Japanese/Polish interpreter today went unexpectedly well! For the first time I took up a request not as a student (which I soon won't be anymore anyway), but as a freelance translator - meaning it would be expected from me that I know my stuff, which made me feel kinda nervous. I also wrote out like five pages of vocabulary I thought might come in handy. I was also feeling kinda Gon about it though, cause I was totally excited about the challenge at the same time.
And it was in fact kinda great! The tension was actually gone before I knew it. The Japanese lady I was assisting turned out to be super nice, and I think I succeeded in making her feel comfortable (she didn't speak much English, leat alone Polish), which I think I can also count in as one of the achievements. The people from the company that hired me were really supportive too, and overall I learned a bunch of stuff! Also, Japanese omiyage cookies GET~. It would be really awesome if I could find a regular job like that!

And I'm totally moe-ing over Kaida Yuki singing in English now. (Peaceful Times from PoT) Marry me please? ;_;
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09 June 2012 @ 11:43 am
From the height of the 9th floor, which I'm currently living at.

09 June 2012 @ 02:56 am

This is my kinda random summary of the Character IN CD series. Done mostly for my own entertainment, and for future reference, as I'm quite sure I'm gonna go back to these CDs many times again. :D Next to Kurapika and Leorio's LeoKuRadio, my personal favourite among the HxH drama CDs I've listened to so far. :D

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